The club's Telecommunications and Event sponsor, Optus, sponsor the club's third hole, a 145m par 3. It is called the Optus hole and generous hole-in-one prizes are awarded throughout the year.

Optus also provide support to the club through sponsorship of its' updated driving range and event support. A movie night during the summer holidays is being planned.

Current Hole-in-One prize

Optus are offering a $200 cash prize for getting a hole-in-one.

About Optus in the South-West

Optus stores located in the Forum and Eaton shopping centres are owned and operated by club members Pieter and Corli van Rensburg and by their General Manager Gary Lloyd.

Contact Optus today - it all starts with a Yes!

Optus are strong supporters of local businesses and community clubs - if are looking at seeing how Optus can help you please contact your local Optus team in the South-West by visiting Pieter and his team at their stores in Bunbury and Eaton, or give them a call on (08) XXXXXXXXX.

Past Hole in One winners

There have been no hole-on-one's since Optus became hole-in-one sponsors.

The Driving Range

Optus are proud sponsors of the club's updated driving range. It is the only undercover driving range in the south west. Come visit and improve your golf today at Capel Golf Club.